The Nahanni Team

Team of skilled construction professionals taking on and completing work in the most extreme conditions Northern Canada has to offer.

Nahanni Construction Misery Mine Crew

Nahanni Construction is first and foremost a Northern based Construction company and we prides ourselves on taking on and completing work in some of the most extreme conditions Northern Canada has to offer. Our team’s various skills and experience have allowed us to take on projects in the commercial & industrial sectors of the construction industry from Grande Prairie to as far away as Resolute Bay and everywhere in between.

The Nahanni team has a wealth of knowledge and knows what it takes to get construction projects started and completed in harsh environments where weather conditions can wreak havoc on equipment and safety is of utmost importance. Nahanni Construction has experience dealing with different stakeholder groups and customers from a wide range of industries in the Public, Private, and Government sectors. We have the knowledge and skills required to get the job done safely, on time, and on budget.

Our Team

Nahanni’s management team is well versed in construction with well over 100 years of combined experience building in the North. We pride ourselves on creating a business built on people with strong work ethic and a high focus on safety and quality of workmanship.

We have access to a diverse pool of skilled tradespeople, operators, and labourers as well as partnerships with environmental, engineering, and other service firms that we collaborate with to complete complex projects. Whether it’s as a sub-contractor or primary proponent Nahanni can provide the services and the team to get your project done right.

Our Mission

Nahanni has been driven since day one to be one of the most experienced and trusted construction companies in the Arctic, focusing on operating in the Northern climate. Our competencies in the commercial and industrial sectors and our portfolio of major projects are the results of this hard work. We work hard to bring the best product to the client by taking all stakeholder needs and opinions seriously.

Our Community

The North is a vast landscape but the community is tight knit. Nahanni has always made efforts to give back. From working with first nations on joint ventures and providing training and employment to local and aboriginal people to supporting scholarships and local youth sporting teams Nahanni cares about the North and continues to build relationships across the circumpolar region.