Diavik Fresh Air Raise

Det'on Cho Nahanni delivers a key piece of infrastructure to support Diavik Diamond Mine underground operations.

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Diavik Fresh Air Raise


Det’on Cho Nahanni Delivers an Integral Piece in Support of Diavik’s Underground Operations.

With the move to underground construction Diavik Diamond Mine required significant infrastructure upgrades to support safe underground operations.

The Challenges

The Diavik mine site is 300 kilometres north of Yellowknife so workers, supplies, and equipment must be shipped in during the winter road season or flown in to meet job demands. On this particular project logistics surrounding scheduling proved challenging because of the nature of working on site with multiple other contractors. There were also constraints around equipment availability and an aggressive deadline for project completion.

How We Helped

Det’on Cho Nahanni won this project on a lump sum competitive bid and worked hard to complete this project on time and on budget. Our team was able to deliver this project ahead of schedule with zero incidents, accidents, or lost time. This fresh air raise project consisted of the placement of all civil requirements of the ventilation infrastructure required to allow for our client, Rio Tinto, to proceed with their planned phasing of their underground operations.

Interesting Facts
  • This project was a key element in the transition to underground mining at Diavik.
  • Project completion in 3 months.
  • No incidents, accidents or lost time.
  • 275 M3 of concrete forming, rebar, place & finish.
  • Nahanni was the only hard dollar contractor to work at Meadowbank.
  • Det’on Cho Nahanni Construction provided support services, and continues to do so, for the next phase, which is the mechanical work.