Nahanni Construction has participated in many projects at Diavik Diamond Mine since its construction. The A8995 Pump Station is one example of the diverse work Nahanni has completed on site. With ongoing mine operations, the need to mobilize equipment, and specialized underground working conditions, Nahanni provided a versatile crew that was able to deliver this project on schedule and with an excellent safety record.

The completed project included a 4 m x 6 m concrete bulkhead with a 4 m x 12 m concrete dividing wall, an electrical room with steel bulkhead wall, and four 140 hp pumps. These pumps moved water between the mine and multiple reservoirs, and on to a surface water treatment plant.

The Challenges

Working in a remote operating mine in an underground environment presents many challenges.  Diavik is located 300 km from Yellowknife and all supplies must be trucked in via seasonal ice road. In the case of the A8995 Pump Project, the construction for the pump bulkheads and associated installations was completed after the mine was already operating. Mine site operations continued while the pump project was being finished which required close coordination with mine site management to ensure efficiency and safety.[/one_third]

How We Helped

Nahanni worked with the client to understand the unique challenges of the project and put together a project team that could coordinate with Diavik and ensure appropriate materials and equipment were in place.

When on site, Nahanni provided its own jack-leg/stopper drillers to install all rock anchors for civil, mechanical, and electrical installations. We also provided the heavy equipment operators for mobilizing construction materials underground and concrete truck drivers to deliver underground. 

Interesting Facts

  • Nahanni had an excellent safety record on this project and in all Diavik site projects we have participated in.
  • A versatile crew was put together to meet unique mine-site operations.
  • Project was completed on schedule.
  • Shipping containers (seacans) were modified into fully functioning lunchrooms to be moved around the mine as project locations advanced, ensuring efficiency and comfort for crews.
  • Each pump installed is capable of pumping approximately 900 gallons per minute.