Nahanni supplied and installed almost 35,000 cubic m of concrete on a project that originally called for approximately 20,000 cubic m of concrete.

The Challenges

As usual, weather and logistics presented the greatest challenges for this project. Colder-than-usual conditions on site created concerns that equipment would not function properly. Extreme weather conditions in the area left to frequent flight cancellations, resulting in delays getting equipment, supplies, and people to the site.

How We Helped

Nahanni Construction believes that project planning is one of the keys to our success. We also recognize that it is important to be flexible enough to adapt the plan when unexpected changes arise. Our workforce is made up of some of the most skilled and experienced people in the northern construction industry. They have encountered every imaginable situation and bring an innovative approach to solving problems on site. Everyone on our team, from project managers to labourers, play a role in finding solutions.

At Meadowbank, we made sure that our equipment was prepared to deal with the extreme cold. This meant making sure that equipment was protected from the elements when not in use, and that all staff – including the clients’ and other on site contractors – had the proper training to use and maintain the equipment in these challenging conditions.

Weather made logistics and expediting more challenging than usual, so we decided to keep the on site warehouse fully stocked with supplies and materials at all times. Having a surplus on hand meant we did not have to worry about project delays due to cancelled flights .

Nahanni provided all of the supplies needed for this project other than cement, sand, and aggregates. We also took care of the logistics in getting our crews to site, and provided all of our own equipment, such as: the concrete bath plant, loaders, fuel trucks, water trucks, bobcats, zoom booms, heaters, and concrete pumps.

In the end, a two year contract extended to just over three years of work on site. Despite this extended – and unexpected – stay, Nahanni represented over 80% of the workforce at Meadowbank for 75% of the time. While this proved to be one of our most challenging projects to date, we also consider it to be one of our most successful. At Meadowbank, Nahanni Construction proved that we can provide top quality service in even the most challenging circumstances.

Interesting Facts

  • Nahanni supplied its own infrastructure to store and maintain equipment at Meadowbank.
  • We were almost completely self-sufficient on site, relying on others only for housing and feeding employees.
  • Nahanni provided a team of employees trained as volunteer fire fighters to serve as the on site fire department for the duration of the project.