Your full-service, solutions oriented partner in Northern construction.

At Nahanni we are cold weather and remote location construction experts. Our clients benefit from our ability to provide all inclusive construction services and project management. These services help us deliver turnkey operations and logistical services for all of your remediation, industrial and commercial construction needs. All of our work is safety focused and quality oriented, and with over 30 years construction experience in the North we have the staff, equipment, and skills to get the job done right.


Across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Nahanni has been a regular contributor to the development of major resource extraction projects. From our work at the Ekati, Diavik, and Gahcho Kue Diamond mines to work on the Meladine and Meadowbank gold projects in Nunavut.

Because we live and operate in the North we have an intimate understanding of the challenges, complexities, and opportunities in northern construction, logistics, and on-site operations. We have expertise in concrete, batch plant operations, structural steel, dewatering, water treatment, mechanical piping and equipment installations including underground conveyors and utilities. We also offer unique solutions to remote site challenges such as temporary on-site fabrication shops, camp installations, and logistics management for challenging site mobilizations.

Our depth of knowledge allows us to plan builds in some of the most remote and challenging environments in Canada. Our ability to be resilient in these environments also allows us to ensure we can adapt to changing environment and unforeseen obstacles to ensure your project gets completed on-time and on-budget.


The North has a long history of mining and resource development and Nahanni has been involved in many of the projects that are the current economic drivers in the territory. The history of resource development has also left many sites that require remediation and Nahanni has put together an expert team to work towards putting the land back to the best remediated condition possible.

Our approach includes the latest technologies like LIDAR drone mapping to understand on site conditions so we can plan the best possible remediation work and track progress for our clients. We have expertise in contaminated sites, containment systems and a safety program that supports our teams working in hazardous environments to ensure the health and safety of our people and the surrounding environment. Nahanni’s remediation services include full-cycle project management from planning, through remediation to after care and care and maintenance programs.

See some of our recent remediation work at Tundra Mine and the Gordon Lake Project.


From foundations to structural steel fabrication and erection and more, Nahanni has expertise in commercial construction projects with over 25 years experience in this sector. We have worked on office buildings to arenas and warehouses as well as highly specialized facilities such s dementia centres.

Project Management, Joint Ventures, and Other Services.

From experience we know that some projects require a new or unique approach to ensure success. Nahanni has a proven record of developing partnerships that allow for the delivery of large-scale projects. We have in-house project management expertise, a large network of business partners, the ability to scale-up labour force, and a commitment to quality that allows us to tackle major projects. Contact us for more information about your project and we will work with you to find a solution that fits.